2024 Cash Sponsorship Opportunities

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A – Race Packet Sponsor


Sponsor will provide, at their choosing, some manner of ad material; promotional coupon, discount, or trinket- to be placed by FISM staff into each athlete’s race packet or goodie bag. If the item(s) is too large to fit into the aforementioned, it will be distributed individually to each participant at packet pick-up. *receipt of items requested no later than Oct 1, 2022.

B – Bronze Sponsor

$200 – $500 | Includes Level A

Sponsor will be provided an Expo Booth Space at the Nathan Benderson Park event venue location, as well as any and all other race packet pick-up locations.

C – Silver Sponsor

$500 – $1000 | Includes Levels A & B

Sponsor will receive their company logo/hyperlink on the FISM website through 12-31-2022.

Sponsor logo will display on participant’s event shirts, and volunteer shirts.

D – Gold Sponsor

$1000 – $2500 | Includes Levels A, B, & C

Sponsor may provide ad content, monthly, for FISM to broadcast via social media, email, etc.

Sponsor may provide content suitable for a website profile, to be displayed on the FISM website, for a defined length of time or throughout the duration of the agreement.

Sponsor may designate for up to x2 (in total) transferable event registrations.

E – Platinum Sponsor

$2500 – $5000 | Includes Levels A, B, C, & D

Sponsor may provide their company banner(s), placards, or other marketing posters for display on the race course during the event; for real time advert marketing and likely ‘capture’ in still and video photography (this photography may at the discretion of the FISM be used in post race and all manner of future marketing promotional pieces, including www, fb, insta, email, text, tiktok, etc).

Sponsor will receive their company name or logo placement on all event participants’ race number bibs.

Sponsor may designate for up to x3 (in total) transferable event registrations.

F – Presenting Sponsor

$5000+ | Includes Levels A, B, C, D, & E

Sponsor may provide company profile content, suitable and updatable for and on the FISM website, through 12/31/2022.

Sponsor may have company logo placement on all FISM racing apparel, produced throughout the duration of the agreement.

Sponsor may designate for up to x5 (in total) transferable event registrations.

Sponsor may elect to exercise “naming rights” of the FISM for -Throughout the duration of the agreement.

Example 1- The “SPONSOR” Florida Inline Skating Marathon
Example 2- Florida Inline Skating Marathon presented by “SPONSOR”

Other promotional considerations – TBD

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